P.Amh. Gr. 1 2

Trismegistos: 64476

Transcription and translation from Grenfell, Bernard P., and Arthur S. Hunt. “II. Christian Hymn.” Pages 23–28 in The Amherst Papyri Part I. London: Henry Frowde, 1900. The translation has been modernized and lightly edited.

Fragment 1


  1. [Α...]..υν θ(εο)ν ...Αθαντ[...Αθα]νατον ζωην ινα λαβης.*
  2. Βαρυν θεσμον εφυγες ανομου Βα ... Β ... αυτον προς αγαπην.
  3. Γαμον ηλυθες βασιληος, Γαμον κ... Γ... ινα μη σʼ αφανισης.*
  4. Δυσι ρημασι μηκετι λαλει, Διχα των επισ... Δ... ολας.
  5. Ερχονται τινες προβατινοις Εν σχημασιν εσωθεν λ[υκοι Ε...]τε μακροθεν.*
  6. Ζητει ζησαι μεθʼ αγιων, Ζ[η]τει ζωην ινα λαβης, Ζη[τει το πυρ ινα] φυγης.
  7. Ην εμαθες ελπιδα κρατει, Ην ωρισε σοι ο δεσποτη[ς Η...] λον.
  8. Θ(εο)ς ηλυθε πολλα κομισας, Θανατο[υ] τριτοπημα τελεσα[ς...]...ους.
  9. Ι(ησου)ς ο παθων επι τουτοις, εΙπων οτι νωτα παρεξω Ινα μη θαν[ατ]ω περιπεσης.*
  10. Καλʼ εισι τα θεσμα του θ(εο)υ· Κατα παντα τυποις υπομεν[ει] Καλην ζωην ινα λαβης.*
  11. Λουσαμενος εν Ιορδανη, Λουσαμενος ενι τυποις, Λουτρον [τ]ο καθαρσιον εχει.*
  12. Μεινας επειραζετʼ εν ορει, Μεγαλως δʼ υπο... Μ... αυτος ειης.*
  13. Νυν εργασαι κληρονομιας, Νυν καιρον εχεις οτι [διδως] Νυν τοις πεινωσι μεγαλως.
  14. Ξενους ειπε θ(εο)ς διατρεφειν, Ξενους και μη δυναμενους· [Ξενιζ]ε το πυρ ινα φυγης.*
  15. Ον επεμψε πατηρ ινα παθη. Ο λαβων ζωην αι[ω]νι[αν, Ο λαβων κ]ρατος αθανασιας.
  16. Παισιν δʼ [ε]υηγγελιζε λεγων, Πτωχοι βασιλειαν ... ειναι κληρονομιας.*
  17. Ραπισ[μενος] ενι τυποις Ροπην ινα παντι παρεχη [Ρ ... θ]ανατον ινʼ ολεση.*
  18. Συ θα[νων ι]νʼ αναστασιν ιδης, Συ το φως ινʼ αιιωνι[ο]ν ι[δης, Συ θ(εο)ν] φωτων ινα λαβης.*
  19. Τα [δ]ʼ α[ναπ]αυλα λυπουμενων, τα δε σκιρτηματα [..., Το δε πυ]ρ φοβερον παρανομοις.
  20. Υπο τη[ν] χαριν ηλθες ακοπως· Υπακουε πενησιν [αιτουσιν, Υπερηφα]νως μηκετι λαλει.*
  21. [Φοβερον ... εσ]τι το πυρ, Φοβερον εις αιει χρον[ον, Φοβερον γε τ]ο πυρ παρανομοις.
  22. [Χ...] Χ(ριστο)ς και στεμμαθʼ αγιω[ν Χ...] πυρ παρανομοις.
  23. [Ψ... Ψαλλ]ων ψαλμους μεθʼ αγιων. Ψυχην .. παντοτε τρεφειν.
  24. [Ω...] Ων εμαθες μηκετι λαθη, Ων ειπεν σοι ινα λαβης.
  25. [... θ]ανατον ουκετι δυνη.
  1. [Α] ... that you may receive immortal life.*
  2. [Β] You have escaped the heavy ordinance of a lawless ... to love.
  3. [Γ] You have come to the marriage of the king, the marriage ... that you may not disfigure your face.*
  4. [Δ] Speak no more in double words, without ...
  5. [Ε] Some come in sheep's clothing who are inwardly wolves ... from afar.*
  6. [Ζ] Seek to live with the saints, seek to receive life, seek to escape the fire.
  7. [Η] Hold fast to the hope which you have learned, which the Master determined for you ...
  8. [Θ] God came bringing many blessings, he wrought a triple victory over death ...
  9. [Ι] Jesus who suffered for this, saying, “I give my back, that you may not experience death.”*
  10. [Κ] Glorious are the ordinances of God; in all things he suffers as an example, that you may have glorious life.*
  11. [Λ] He washed in the Jordan, He washed as an example, His is the stream that cleanses.*
  12. [Μ] Remaining on the mount he was tempted, and greatly ... *
  13. [Ν] Now work out your inheritance, now is the time for you to give, even now, to them that hunger greatly.
  14. [Ξ] God said, “Feed the stranger, the stranger and the helpless, that you may escape the fire.”*
  15. [Ο] The Father sent him to suffer, Who has received eternal life, Who has received power over immortality.
  16. [Π] He preached the gospel to his servants, saying, “The poor (shall possess) a kingdom, theirs is the inheritance.”*
  17. [Ρ] He was scourged as an example, in order to give an impulse to all ... in order to destroy death.*
  18. [Σ] In order that after death you may see resurrection, that you may see the light to eternity, that you may receive the God of lights.*
  19. [Τ] O the rest of the sorrowful, O the dancing of the ... O the fire, fearful for the wicked.
  20. [Υ] Freely you have come under grace, listen to the prayer of the poor, speak arrogantly no more.*
  21. [Φ] Fearful ... is the fire, fearful for evermore, yea, fearful is the fire for the wicked.
  22. [Χ] ... Christ (shall give ...) and the crowns of the saints, but for the wicked ... the fire.
  23. [Ψ] ... singing psalms with the saints ... feed the soul evermore.
  24. [Ω] Never forget what you have learned, that you may receive what he told you.
  25. ... death no longer possible.