P.Amst. 1 26

Trismegistos: 64264

Transcription based on transcription from Salomons, R.P., P.J. Sijpesteijn, and K.A. Worp. “26. Christliches Amulett.” Page 52–53 in Die Amsterdamer Papyri I. Zutphen, Holland: Terra Publishing Co., 1980.

Fragment 1


  1. α⳨ω η̣ δ̣υ̣ναμις τ̣[ου Ιη]σ̣ου Χ̣ρ̣ιστου α⳨ω*
  2. θεραπ̣[ευ....] μ̣εγα . ον ετε-*
  3. κεν Δ.....[. απο π]ασης [νο]σου και*
  4. πονου κεφαλης και κοτραφων*
  5. και πυρετου και ριγωπυρετου*
  1. The power of Jesus Christ*
  2. heal great who gave bir-*
  3. th to D---- from all sickness and*
  4. pain of head and temples*
  5. and fever and fever with shivering fits.*