P.Berol. 11633

Trismegistos: 64689

Transcription and corrections represented in notes based on: Treu, Kurt. “Neue Berliner Liturgische Papyri.” AfP 21 (1971): 62–65. The running translation is based on Treu's “Umschrift” found on pp. 64–65 of his article. A slightly different transcription and English translation is found in Martinez, David G. “Epiphany Themes in Christian Liturgies on Papyrus.” Pages 196–202 in Light from the East. Papyrologische Kommentare Zum Neuen Testament. Edited by Peter Artz-Grabner and Christina Kreinecker. Vol. 39 of Philippika. Harrassowitz Verlag, 2010. Meaningful variations from Martinez are noted.

Fragment 1


  1. κ̣(αι) [η]γα̣λλιασατο επι την α̣[...]*
  2. λινβηδρα / εμ μεσω γα̣ρ της̣*
  3. γης κ(αι) ουρανου τον χ(ριστο)ν ομολογη-
  4. σαντα / κ(αι) τον εχθρων υπερε-
  5. φανης[..]α̣ν̣τα πετα̣ / ο γαρ δοξα*
  6. κ(υριο)υ περιεγηγλωσαν αυτον / *
  7. κ(αι) ο δυναμις αυτω επισχιασιν σαι*
  8. Αλαλαξατε του κ(υριο)υ πασα η γη / *
  9. [ο]τι εφανη επι γης ο προ ε-
  10. ωνον θ̣(εο)ς̣ λ̣ογος υπαρχων / *
  11. δευτε αγαλλιασομεθα κ(αι) ευ-*
  12. φραν‘θω’μεν / δευτε απαντη-*
  13. σομεν τω νυμφιου του εν*
  14. Βεθλεεμ / ο μετα του π(ατ)ρος*
  15. κ(αι) του αγιου πν(ευμ)ατος / εκλυθη*
  16. εις γαμμον ως ανθρ(ωπ)ος κ(αι) το υ̣-*
  17. δω̣ρ ‘ιε’ υνον μετεβαλεν / ο τον*
  18. τιβλον ε‘ν’τη σιλωαμ ανεβλε-*
  19. ψεν / ο τον λιπρον ε‘κ’ του λογου*
  20. εκκαθαρισεν / εκ πενται αρτους*
  21. εις πεντα χιλιατας εχορτασεν / *
  22. ηλθεν εις τα υτατα δω ειορδαν-*
  23. ου / ο αμνος του θ(εο)υ ο ερον την α-*
  24. μαρτιαν του κοσμου / κ(αι) βαπ-
  25. τισασθαι υπ του προτρομου / *
  26. κ(αι) φωνη εκ του π(ατ)ρος λεγουσα*
  27. ουτος εστιν ο αγαπητος μου*
  28. υ(ιο)ς εν ω ευδοκησεν:~*
  29. Μεγαλης χαρας / ενεπλυσθημεν*
  30. το ειορδανου θεα̣σ̣αμενη του τε-*
  31. χθεντι επι γης ω̣ς ανθρ(ωπ)ος ε αυτω*
  32. παργεναμενος / και υγωον*
  33. αυτον της φωνης σου λεγον-*
  34. δες ο προδρομος / εκδελε-*
  35. σομεν της ηκονομιας του π(ατε)ρος / *
  36. ωσυ ηβουλυθη κ(υριο)ς ελεγεν*
  37. ιωαννης / κατελθωντος σου*
  38. χ(ριστ)ε ες τα ητατα / τα ορη εσγιρτη-*
  39. σεν ως εν κριη / κ(αι) φωνη ως αρ-*
  40. νουν ‘προ’βατων / ανελθωντας σου*
  41. εν τω ειορδανου / φωνη παρα*
  42. γεγονεν εξ ουρανους προς ση / *
  43. ουτος εστιν ο υ(ιο)ς μου ο αγαπη-
  44. τος εν ω ευδοκησε̣ν̣ . φοβυθη-*
  45. τε α̣[....]~*
  1. Ạ(nd) [h]e ṛẹjoiced upon the .[...]*
  2. pool / in the midst Fọr thẹ*
  3. earth a(nd) heaven the C(hris)t who
  4. confesses / A(nd) the enemies being
  5. treated arṛṛọg̣ạṇtly ... / the For glory*
  6. of the L(or)d encircled him / *
  7. A(nd) the power in him overshadowed you*
  8. Shout aloud to the L(or)d all the earth / *
  9. [B]ecause he appeared upon the earth, who before the
  10. ages G̣(o)ḍ ẉord who was / *
  11. Come, we will rejoice exceedingly a(nd) let*
  12. us celebrate / Come, we should*
  13. encounter the bridegroom, the one in*
  14. Bethlehem / The one with the F(at)her*
  15. a(nd) the Holy Sp(iri)t / Who was invited*
  16. to the wedding as a m(a)n a(nd) the ẉ-*
  17. aṭẹr into wine was changed / Who the*
  18. blind one in Siloam received*
  19. sight (from) / Who the leper from his word*
  20. was cleansed / From five loaves*
  21. into five thousands were satisfied / *
  22. He went into the water of the Jord-*
  23. an / The lamb of G(o)d who takes away the s-*
  24. in of the world! / A(nd) was bap-
  25. ized by the forerunner / *
  26. A(nd) the voice from the F(at)her saying,*
  27. “This one is the beloved of me,*
  28. the S(o)n in whom I am pleased.”~*
  29. Great joy we were filled *
  30. the Jordan upọṇ seeing / Having*
  31. been birthed upon earth ạs a m(a)n in him*
  32. having arrived / And he listened to*
  33. himself the voice of you say-*
  34. ing the forerunner / Let us*
  35. complete the plans of the F(ath)er / *
  36. Like wanted the L(or)d said*
  37. to John / came down you*
  38. Ch(ris)t, into the water / The mountains leap-*
  39. ed like rams / A(nd) hills as a la-*
  40. mb of the sheep / having gone up of you*
  41. from the Jordan / voice has*
  42. come from the sky to you / *
  43. “This is the S(o)n of me the belov-
  44. ed in whom I am well pleaṣẹḍ.” Fe-*
  45. ar ḥ[im]~*

Part I

And he rejoiced upon the holy pool

For in the midst of the earth and heaven confessing the Christ

and treating the enemies arrogantly …

For the glory of the Lord encircled him

and his power will overshadow you.

Part II

Shout aloud to the Lord all the earth

because he appeared upon the earth, who was God before the ages, the Word.

Come, let us rejoice exceedingly and let us celebrate!

Come, let us meet the bridegroom, the one in Bethlehem,

the one who with the Father and the Holy Spirit

was invited to the wedding as a man and the water was changed into wine;

who gave sight to the blind one in Siloam;

who cleansed the leper by his word.

From five loaves into five thousands were satisfied

He went into the water of the Jordan,

the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,

to be baptized by the forerunner.

And the voice from the Father saying,

“This one is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”~

Part III

We were filled with great joy upon seeing the Jordan

when the one born upon earth as a man appeared in it

and the forerunner himself listened to your voice saying,

“Let us complete the plans of the Father.”

“Like the Lord wanted,” said John

You, Christ, came down into the water,

The mountains leaped like rams

and the hills like a lamb of the sheep.

As you arose from the Jordan

a voice has come from the sky to you

“This one is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.

Fear him.”~