P.Vindob. G 19931

Trismegistos: 64787

Transcription based on: Wessely, C. “5. Adoracion du sang de Jésus-Christ.” Page 435 in Les plus anciens monuments du Cristianisme écrits sur papyrus: Textes édites, traduits et annotés. Patrologia Orientalis 18.3. Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1924. The transcription is only of the recto; images of the verso confirm they contain some content (barely legibile, faded writing, perhaps 2 lines) but that information is not included in this transcription.

Fragment 1


  1. [...]※ δι ημας*
  2. † αιμα του σαρκοθεντος ※ εκ της αγια[ς]*
  3. παρθενου Ιη(σο)υ Χρ(ιστο)υ † αιμα [το]υ γεννη[θεν·]
  4. τος εκ [της α]γιας θεοτοκο[υ Ιη(σο)υ] Χρ(ιστο)υ †
  5. αιμα το[υ...] φανεντος [...]δαι[...]
  6. Ι(ησο)υ Χρ(ιστο)υ † [αι]μα του βαπτι[σθεν]τος εν τω
  7. Ιορδανη υπο του προδρομου Ιωαννου
  8. Ι(ησο)υ Χρ(ιστο)υ αμην † αιμα του προσενεγκαντος
  9. εαυτον θυσιαν υπερ των αμαρτιων ημω(ν)
  10. Ι(ησο)υ Χρ(ιστο)υ αμη[ν]
  1. [...]※ because of us*
  2. † Blood of the one made into flesh ※ from the hol[y]*
  3. virgin Je(su)s Ch(ris)t † Blood [of] the one who [was]
  4. born from [the h]oly mother of G[od, Je(su)s] Ch(ris)t †
  5. Blood of t[he...] being made to appear [...]...[...]
  6. J(esu)s Ch(ris)t † [Bl]ood of the one who was bapti[z]ed in the
  7. Jordan by the forerunner John
  8. J(esu)s Ch(ris)t, amen † Blood of the one who brought
  9. himself a sacrifice for the sins of u(s)
  10. J(esu)s Ch(ris)t. ame[n]

    ※ because of us

† Blood of the one made into flesh ※ from the holy virgin, Jesus Christ.

† Blood of the one who was born from the holy mother of God, Jesus Christ.

† Blood of the … being made to appear … Jesus Christ.

† Blood of the one who was baptized in the Jordan by John the forerunner, Jesus Christ, amen.

† Blood of the one who brought himself as a sacrifice for our sins, Jesus Christ, amen.